Welcome to Genie Framework!

Genie is a powerful full-stack web framework for the Julia programming language, perfect for building interactive UIs, APIs, and production-grade web apps. It offers a simple, low-code approach that makes web development accessible to Julia users, even those with no prior web development experience.

Dashboard created with Genie.

Genie Framework has three main components: Genie, Stipple, SearchLight and Genie Builder.

Genie.jl provides backend and frontend tools, so that you can build full stack web apps and APIs around your Julia code.

For real-time interactivity and a rich UI, like what's needed in a dashboard, Stipple.jl provides a reactive UI layer.

For database persistence, Genie's ORM, SearchLight.jl, can be added at any time.

Finally, Genie Builder increases your productivity by providing a way to design your UIs visually with drag-and-drop of components.

Getting started

You can install Genie Framework from the Julia REPL by entering Pkg mode with ] and typing

pkg> add GenieFramework

This will install Genie.jl, Stipple.jl along with other accessory packages. To work with databases, you'll need to install SearchLight.jl separately.

To create a basic webpage Creating web pages guide.

To build an interactive dashboard, check out the First dashboard guide and the Component gallery.

To build a multipage app, head over to the Multipage apps guide.

For more advanced features see the API guide and the Reference section.