Resetting Genie Builder

On first launch, Genie Builder will create a configuration folder in ~/.geniebuilder. To reset the extension, delete the configuration folder and launch Genie Builder again. You'll be asked to log in like the first time you launched the extension.

Code not reloading when changed

Genie Builder uses Revise to handle code reloading in the app.jl file. If you place files in the lib folder, they should be reloaded automatically. When importing code with include, it will not automatically reload when changed. You'll need to use Revise's includet function instead.

App in bugged state

If your app is showing a bug icon, check the terminal for any errors or read through the logs.

Importing static assets

Place static assets like images and stylesheets in the public folder. For example, in the visual editor, an image in public/logo.png can be added with an image component and the image path set to /logo.png.

In the Julia code, to include assets with the add_script and add_css functions, you'll have to specify the full path:


Error "table schema_migrations already exists" when launching

If you see an error in the REPL similar to "table schema_migrations already exists" when launching GB, it means that there's a conflict older versions of the plugin. To fix this, delete the ~/.geniebuilder and ~/.julia/geniebuilder folders and relaunch Genie Builder.

App not starting

There could be several reasons why an app is not starting after loading it in Genie Builder:

  • Missing packages: make sure to install all the dependencies with the package manager before adding any imports to app.jl.
  • Bug in the code: if there are bugs in the code, the app will not run. Check the terminal and the logs.
  • Long startup: on a first run, setting up the Genie Builder can take a few minutes.