AI assistant

Genie Builder includes an AI assistant to help you build Genie apps. You can ask it to make changes to your app's UI and even add new components, or ask it for help using with Genie Framework.

UI assistant

The UI assistant modifies the component you have selected in the canvas and any other components inside of it. For instance, if you select a row with some sliders and buttons inside of it, the assistant is able to modify the row contents.

When prompting the UI assistant, make sure that you give it clear and succint instructions. Some examples of prompts are:

  • Generating a template on a white canvas.
Add the following:
- a row with big numbers to display the metrics
- a row with two columns: one for stock picker and another for a plot of the stock price over time

This assumes that you've already declared the reactive variables for the components in the Julia code. That way, the assistant identifies the appropriate components and also performs the bindings.

  • Styling a column.
Make these style changes:
- dashed border with a shadow
- 25% width
- steelblue background

  • Reorganizing the layout.

Click on the outermost container in the canvas, near the edge and use a prompt like this:

- Move the numbers row to the bottom
- Move the controls column to the right

Help assistant

The help assistant answers questions about Genie Framework. It matches your question against the Genie docs and tries to answer it. Therefore, if your question is not covered in the docs it might include hallucinations in its answer. It is recommended that you use the helper to clarify concepts and not to ask for specific code.