The secrets file

Confidential configuration data (like API keys, usernames, passwords, etc) should be added to the config/secrets.jl file. To create it, call Genie.Generator.write_secrets_file(); this will add a new encryption token. This file should be added to .gitignore when creating a Genie app, so it won't be added to source control to avoid accidental exposure. If you created the app with one of the generators in Genie.Generator, this will be done for you.


All the definitions (variables, constants, functions, modules, etc) added to the secrets.jl file are loaded into your app's module. So if your app (and its main module) is called MyGenieApp, the definitions will be available under the MyGenieApp namespace.


Given the your app's name is variable, you can also access your app's module through the Main.App constant. So all the definitions added to secrets.jl can also be accessed through the Main.App module.