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Author Avatarinoshun
1/15/2024, 1:20:39 PM

CSV file uploader has been implemented in GenieFramework, but is it not supported in Genie Builder?

Author AvatarPere
1/15/2024, 1:49:02 PM

It is not supported in the current version of GB, but will be in the next one that's coming out soon. You can use the uploader by embedding Julia code in the HTML file as <% uploader(.....) %>

Author Avatarinoshun
1/15/2024, 1:51:27 PM

Thank you! I'm looking forward to the next version's release. For now, I'll try implementing it by embedding Julia code into the HTML file to see if it works.

Author Avatarinoshun
1/15/2024, 1:57:40 PM

I tried it out immediately and was able to successfully display and load a CSV file. Thank you for your assistance!