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Author Avataryakir12
1/11/2024, 10:17:50 AM

I need to use the uploader and js_methods at the same time.

js_methods requires a specific named app type (e.g. MyApp) to work:


but I can't seem to get the uploader example in to work with a "named app". Attached is my attempt. This MWE doesn't update the df variable in the model.

Note that I introduced the following changes to the MWE:

  1. The variable table is shadowing the table function in the ui() function and causes an error. I just renamed it to tbl (my PR fixing this).
  2. I added GenieFramework.
  3. I replaced the @handlers with @app and named it MyApp.
Author Avataressenciary
1/11/2024, 3:40:49 PM

I'm not vary familiar with recent version of js_methods - maybe @hhaensel or @Pere can chime in