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Author Avatarmi-ti
12/27/2023, 12:25:36 AM

I am not an expert on web dev, try to build my app with Genie builder, each time when I change and save the code, it will have a "Autoreloading" info, generally it works great, but if I add or change a route I have to manually restart the session for it to take effect.

last time I try to add a route rule to handle the file upload but failed, and finally I found that I just need to restart the app.

Is it by design? I have found no documents or discussion on it.

Author AvatarPere
12/29/2023, 11:03:28 AM

I'm not sure about this one, I'll ask around. If you're outside of Genie Builder, you can reload the app from the REPL with include("app.jl") to add any new routes and changes to the code without restarting

Author Avataronoke
1/8/2024, 9:46:13 AM

everytime when changed route.jl, I also restart an app. I believe it is by design.