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Author AvatarWhiskers 1600X3D
12/5/2023, 8:05:05 PM

When it comes to building genie apps, can Javascript (VueJS) and Genie be used hand in hand as for Genie, we are declaring reactive variables and for Javascript I am using it for quasar?

Author Avatarhhaensel
12/11/2023, 7:49:36 PM

That's what Stipple + StippleUI do. If you have already an html layout, you can use that directly

ui() = ParsedHTMLString(raw""""
<here comes your code>

Alternatively you can generate a Julia version of your code with parse_vue_html(): Place your code in the clipboard and then call

parse_vue_html(clipboard()) |> clipboard

Then paste your Julia code which will generate your html. Then you can easily adapt your Julia code which is sometimes easier to maintain, particularly when it comes to Julia expressions being converted to html attributes.