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Author AvatarJiuwei Huyao
12/1/2023, 11:50:45 AM

Hello, I try to configure a Genie app to be usable by HTTPS… It is a Docker app, with REST interface, very simple, only 2 routes, and it works well with HTTP, but timed out on HTTPS… Port mapping is done (80:8000 and 443:8000). I don’t see any errors by Genie, and it seems the server does not use Nginx nor Apache, but I can’t be sure…

Author AvatarPere
12/1/2023, 5:09:27 PM

for HTTPS to work you need to put the Genie app behind a reverse proxy that supports https, like NGINX or Traefik. We have a short guide about this

I don't think you can just map 443 to 8000, as the communication protocol is different.

Also, doing this in docker can be a little more involved. You probably should just set a separate container for the proxy forwarding to the Genie app