Genie Discord forum

Author Avataraww
11/28/2023, 9:02:39 PM

What is the best recommended way to get dark mode in genie? Shall I use css for each element or is there a quicker workaround for that?

Author AvatarPere
11/29/2023, 11:28:30 AM

There's no out of the box support for dark/light theme toggling yet. You'd have to implement it with CSS and some javascript like they do here for example

Author Avataraww
11/29/2023, 12:24:11 PM

thanks, much appreciated! waiting for have it supported in Genie by default:)

Author Avataressenciary
12/5/2023, 4:21:10 PM

if you use quasar (the Stipple packages) you can create a quasar theme with their theme editor

Author Avataraww
12/6/2023, 6:14:04 AM

thanks, do you have any basic example with that?