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11/10/2023, 1:42:14 AM

I am writing a package that makes use of SearchLight. In the project's test folder, I a "db" folder which contains a testdb.sqlite and a connection.yml file with the following settings:

env: dev
  adapter: SQLite
  database: db/testdb.sqlite
    log_queries: false
    log_level: :error
    log_to_file: false

In my test script I have display(SearchLight.config) with the following output:

SearchLight.Configuration.Settings("dev", "schema_migrations", "db\\migrations", Dict{String, Any}("options" => Dict{String, String}(), "config" => Dict{Any, Any}("log_level" => ":error", "log_to_file" => false, "log_queries" => false), "database" => "db/testdb.sqlite", "adapter" => "SQLite"), false, Error, false)

However, I am still getting @info messages for all of my DB operations.

11/15/2023, 6:58:35 AM

Should I open an issue for this on the SearchLight repository?