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Author AvatarEthanRLeonard
10/25/2023, 3:23:54 AM

Not sure what I did, I have this problem when I start a new genie builder app and then try to click on package manager. I'm using Julia 1.9.3

Any fixes?

Author AvatarPere
10/25/2023, 9:02:34 AM

Can you share the output of the REPL? Sometimes the package manager fails to load when there's an error in the code

Author AvatarEthanRLeonard
10/25/2023, 7:16:52 PM


Activating project at C:\Users\ethan\.julia\geniebuilder\apps\acre1 Loading app┌ Info: 2023-10-25 14:04:02 └ Web Server starting at - press Ctrl/Cmd+C to stop the server. [ Info: 2023-10-25 14:04:08 Watching "C:\Users\ethan\.julia\geniebuilder\apps\acre1" [ Info: 2023-10-25 14:04:12 Listening on:, thread id: 1

Author AvatarPere
10/30/2023, 10:36:07 AM

sorry for the delay. I see that you are on Windows. Unfortunately, we have not done any testing on Windows. If you could open an issue on this repo that would be most helpful

Please share the following: Terminal output Package versions, GB version, VSCode version OS version