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Author AvatarJim
9/26/2023, 5:32:18 PM

I'm new to the no code editor and am having trouble getting a button to work. The button is color is white, and blends into the background. I can't seem to change that.

I'm also wondering how to use LaTeX with the no code editor?

Author AvatarCAMattelaer
9/26/2023, 6:39:47 PM

you need to add some style elements such as outline and color and a label to add text in your button, see screenshot

Author AvatarJim
9/26/2023, 8:13:48 PM

That worked. It seems like the no-code editor adds some colon's at the begining of the flags (I don't know HTML so I'm not sure what they are usually called)

Author AvatarJim
9/26/2023, 8:14:17 PM

Also, the Label from the editor doesn't seem to work either..

Author AvatarCAMattelaer
9/26/2023, 8:24:01 PM

Does the label have a colon? The colon has something to do with how Vue.js interprets the option (disclaimer: i'm totally no expert). This kind of gui elements are from Quasar and i've found their documentation extremely useful for all kind of options and events (and use of colons or not). I usually start with no-code editor, test and modify in app.jl.html for this kind of modifications. Just make sure to reload the no-code editor after updating app.jl.html manually if you have the no-code editor open at time of modifying the app.jl.html to prevent the editor to overwrite the file

Author AvatarPere
9/30/2023, 4:34:12 PM

Regarding your question about LaTeX support @Jim, LaTeX strings can not be rendered