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Author AvatarCAMattelaer
9/26/2023, 7:28:34 AM

Hi all, I've built a file uploader for my app similarly to the CSV uploader tutorial. However, as i am new to webapp development and genie (and julia), i'm testing very frequently to filter out bugs right away. I've noticed that the list of available files gets reverted to its value before autoreload/refresh page so i think the browser is caching some data that overwrites the new value. Does anyone know if and how i could manage to clear cache of the webpage within the browser itself?

Author AvatarPere
9/26/2023, 8:30:28 AM

When is the list of files being reverted? If it's after a page reload, this is normal as the page is reset to its default status. This will happen with all components on the page.

Author AvatarCAMattelaer
9/26/2023, 11:06:03 AM

so to be more clear: i'm trying to also implement some code to clear the files from the upload folder. I've added a screen recording while the upload dir has already been emptied manually. At the start of the recording the files are stored in the upfiles variable read from the filled upload directory and on refresh (after emptying the dir) this variable should turn up empty. It does so shortly, but then reverts to its previous value with the now deleted file names. My next try would be to make some buttons to do the readdir and rm functions on button presses. It was currently in the @onchange isready event but my guess would be this causes some confusion for the browser/webapp. It would be some extra clicks but if it removes the problem it would be good enough