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Author Avatarrkube
9/12/2023, 3:17:45 PM

Hi, I'm trying to build a web interface with GenieBuilder and am following this tutorial:

After installing the vscode plugin I see the Genie Builder tabs in vscode and clicked on Start Server. A terminal opens in the bottom tab and the attached error comes up.

Any suggestions how to start genie builder?

Author AvatarPere
9/12/2023, 3:31:08 PM

This error has been reported by another user on Windows and we're trying to reproduce it. Can you follow the steps in this issue and post a new message with the requested info?

Author Avatarrkube
9/12/2023, 3:38:14 PM

Thanks, I didn't find this issue when googling the error. I had julia set as an alias in my .bashrc, but it was not in the path. After updating $PATH to include the directory with the julia binary, it looks like it worked.

Author AvatarPere
9/12/2023, 3:40:36 PM

Perfect, thanks for reporting!