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Author Avatarblegat
7/8/2023, 12:10:32 PM

Hi, I have a script for building a plot with several plot! it's therefore difficult to turn into one PlotData. Any hint on which approach to follow ?

Author AvatarPere
7/8/2023, 1:42:27 PM

The recommended way to plot in Genie is with Plotly, here's a guide on how to use it

Author Avatarblegat
7/25/2023, 11:11:23 AM

Thanks for your reply, it works like a charm. I have a few struct I would like to visualize for which I have already defined plots recipes with RecipesBase. I'm wondering if there is an easy way to plot them in Genie without having to rewrite everything in the Plotly API. By the way, I'm going to your JuliaCon workshop this afternoon so we can discuss it there, looking forward to the workshop ๐Ÿ˜‰