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Author AvatarGenerallyClueless
6/24/2023, 3:47:06 PM

OK, so I closed my project, and came back to it later.

... I ran into some issues where my 1st bound variable (bound to a slider) "UndefVarError: 'A' not defined. When I visited in my browser, I received the 404 error.

... I tried to bypass this by commenting out all of the code in my .jl file in between @genietools and @page("/","app.jl.html"). This helped, no more error for the undefined variable (which is defined, because the slider exists in HTML).

So, there is clearly more happening here than my code. If anyone knows how to proceed, I would appreciate the advice.

So far, I have removed and reinstalled Genie Builder, and went as far as restarting the computer. Nothing works. It seems like there is a problem with the server directory ๐Ÿ˜ฅ

Author AvatarGenerallyClueless
6/24/2023, 4:48:42 PM

@Pere has helped me resolve a different issue here:

Author AvatarGenerallyClueless
6/24/2023, 4:49:03 PM

and by resolving that issue, I no longer receive this Error 404