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Author AvatarJS
6/24/2023, 2:01:37 PM

I've just started with Genie 5 and noticed the version of twitter bootstrap is 3.3.5, way behind the latest 5.3. Is there a plan to update this or is it ok if I update it locally? Or would that break all the Genie UI components in Stipple?

Author AvatarPere
6/24/2023, 3:49:31 PM

I'm not sure whether it'd work; I assume it should as long as the correct classes are used in the HTML.

Thanks for bringing this up, would you mind opening an issue on the genie.jl repository making a request to update bootstrap?

Author AvatarJS
6/24/2023, 5:13:28 PM

Thanks for the response. I've opened "Bootstrap version update to latest non-end-of-life version (5.3)" #655