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Author Avatargrahamas
5/1/2023, 9:21:46 PM

Pressing the button "Stop Server" hasn't ever done anything for me. It's not really a problem itself since I can just kill the julia process, but it's weird.

GenieBuilder v0.14

julia> versioninfo()
Julia Version 1.8.5
Commit 17cfb8e65ea (2023-01-08 06:45 UTC)
Platform Info:
  OS: Linux (x86_64-linux-gnu)
  CPU: 16 × AMD Ryzen 9 5900HS with Radeon Graphics
  LIBM: libopenlibm
  LLVM: libLLVM-13.0.1 (ORCJIT, znver3)
  Threads: 1 on 16 virtual cores
Author AvatarPere
5/2/2023, 7:17:01 AM

The button should work, but we haven't tested in on Linux. Can you post the output of the Genie Builder log when you click stop server?