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Author Avatarkungfupanda007
3/31/2023, 7:30:08 PM

Hi team, I really like the GenieAuth But when I am making a multi page app and routing apps. Using controllers.index

@page macro is bypassing the genie auth.

Can you please help me in solving this issue?

Just for your info, I am using authenticated command even in routes.jl as well as in controllers.index function also before @page .

But it is failing.

Author AvatarPere
4/3/2023, 1:14:42 PM

This seems hard to debug without any further information. Could you create a minimum working example in which this happens? That is, a minimal app with multiple pages and routes where you're using GenieAuth

Author Avatarkungfupanda007
4/4/2023, 9:18:26 AM

sure, I will share it by this weekend!!

Author Avatarkungfupanda007
4/4/2023, 10:26:37 AM

This is closed in Github.... just posting link for reference