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Author Avatarkungfupanda007
3/28/2023, 10:51:38 AM

I am running a genie app on aws server, but it is by default limited to run with 1GB RAM (memory) only. How can we change settings and remove this upper-cap on memory usage? Please help.

Author AvatarPere
3/28/2023, 2:20:46 PM

I'm afraid this is a question for AWS support, there's not much we can do from the Genie side. You'll probably need to update to a more powerful instance.

However, we're working on to make it easier to deploy your Julia apps with the necessary resources. Join the beta waitlist if you're interested!

Author Avatarkungfupanda007
3/28/2023, 2:26:08 PM

Is there any provision to run this server on multi thread ?

Author Avatarkungfupanda007
3/28/2023, 2:26:21 PM

My server is 16 core and 32 GB

Author AvatarCinzia
4/5/2023, 1:25:32 PM

Hi! Yes, we can offer you the compute you need at a price. Did you register here?

Author AvatarCinzia
4/5/2023, 1:26:25 PM

If not, please do so. We'll send you an invite to join the private beta and will be in touch with pricing info.