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Author AvatarNooji
3/24/2023, 4:24:09 PM

I want to preface I know very little about wed dev. I have a demo of Genie on hugging face and want to understand how I can remove the CSS rendering delay between what looks like the raw HTML and the styling that then gets applied. contains the webapp and the code under Files and Versions . This is a copy of one of the original boilerplates from the genie framework 🙂

I ask this also because I have other apps where there is a delay between the styles being applied

Author AvatarPere
3/28/2023, 3:46:23 PM

I'm not sure much can be done, as it seems this a matter of loading speed. Are you having the same issue outside of HuggingFace?

Author AvatarNooji
3/31/2023, 1:47:09 PM

Yup, I’m seeing it generally on the first user request (after precompiling as well). I’m new to the web dev wizardry to block loads and other caching tricks