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Author AvatarMonty Hall
3/11/2023, 11:59:22 PM

Where are the docs at for GenieFramework (as in 'using GenieFramework' not just 'using Genie')? I'm doing these tutorials: But when I go here( and try to search for GenieFramework, @page, @genietools - I don't come up with anything. So where do I find docs on @page or @genietools?

Author AvatarPere
3/13/2023, 2:43:44 PM

These are new additions to the API and are not documented yet, we're working on it. For now, the best way to understand how things work is to go through the tutorials and demo code, which you already got

Author AvatarMonty Hall
3/16/2023, 12:08:09 AM

I found rolling up my sleeves and reading all the genie code was helpful (this is easy to do because it's julia after all)

Author AvatarMonty Hall
3/16/2023, 12:08:16 AM

I'm moving to stipple next. So I'm learning about HTML, JS, CSS, DOM, etc.

Author AvatarMonty Hall
3/16/2023, 12:08:48 AM

If you're willing to grok the source code and get a gist of how genie works, web stuff has come a long way since the 90's. Really nice.

Author AvatarMonty Hall
3/16/2023, 12:10:04 AM

I'm almost tempted to abandon GTK.jl and just write web based UI's for my algos.

Author AvatarMonty Hall
3/17/2023, 1:19:04 AM

looks like @in @out even if not in a @handler does the same thing.