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Author Avataritzi
2/28/2023, 10:47:37 AM

I am new in GUI developement and used GenieBuilder to build one. Now I want other people to be able to use the GUI I built and I wonder what is the smartest way to do it. I tried to install Julia and visual studio on their computers and copy the app and tell them how to run it but it does not always work and I sometimes even get the weirdest errors, for example "GenieBuilder not found in current path" as if it was a package for Julia.

I wonder if there is any way to upload it to a server or for other people to connect to the local server of GenieBuilder while it is activated in my computer?

Sorry in advance because I am probably not using the proper wording. Hope I could make my problem understandable!

Thank you

Author AvatarPere
2/28/2023, 11:36:59 AM

Hi itzi, welcome to the server! We're currently developing Genie Cloud, which features one-click deployment for Genie apps and therefore it would fit your use case. If you'd like to know more, please join the waitlist on

Author AvatarPere
2/28/2023, 11:37:15 AM

As for how you can have someone else run your code on their computer, this is how you do it:

Author AvatarPere
2/28/2023, 11:43:43 AM

First, send them the app folder from .julia/geniebuilder/apps/<yourappname>. Don't forget to include the Project.toml file

Then, on their computer

  1. Install Julia and open a REPL in the app directory
  2. Enter Pkg mode with ], and type: activate .instantiate This will activate the project folder and install all the necessary packages
  3. Launch the Genie app with include("app.jl"). Don't forget to start the server with Server.up()

That should do it. The app will be accessible on localhost:8000

Author Avataritzi
2/28/2023, 11:45:23 AM

thank you very much!

Author AvatarSchighSchagh
3/3/2023, 6:20:53 PM

... how long is that Genie Cloud waitlist btw?