Genie Discord forum

Author Avatarrakanott
2/14/2023, 10:11:09 AM

You know how there's <script> in JS, .heex in phoenix etc. Is there same thing in Genie?</script>

Author AvatarPere
2/14/2023, 11:03:26 AM

You can use the <% %> delimiters to embed Julia code. Example

<% print("hello") %>

Author Avataressenciary
2/20/2023, 8:28:20 AM

the <% ... %> is recommended for multiline blocks of code while $(...) is recommended for short snippets

Author Avataressenciary
2/20/2023, 8:39:46 AM

@rakanott what exactly are you trying to achieve?

Author Avatarrakanott
2/20/2023, 8:55:22 AM

You know, just stuff like extracting information from database, scripting etc