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Author AvatarUSMCamp0811
1/30/2023, 1:51:07 AM

I have a list of items created like this:

            list(bordered=true, separator=true, [
                item(clickable=true, vripple=true, "{{ skill }}")
              ], @recur("skill in Web")),

How do I delete an item when it gets clicked?

I tried adding @click("Web=Web.filter((x)=> x!=skill), delme=skill") put inside the item() call. I also tried a handler check where I do:

onany(model.delme) do val and I have it delete val from the Web array. This didn't seem to update the front end.. I even just redefined Web to be an empty array to see what would happend and that didn't work.

What am I missing?

Author AvatarUSMCamp0811
1/30/2023, 2:03:33 AM

ok figured it out.. its just @click("Misc.pop(skill)")