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Author AvatarSnowy
1/10/2023, 3:51:23 AM

Hi! I have a friend that's building a web app using Supabase on the back end and React on the front end. I am developing the analytics engine this web app will use in Julia. As part of this, I need develop an API that will run the Julia script I've developed... However, I know nothing about web dev! Is this my only tutorial to go off of?

If my script can accept JSON, I assume the api "response" is the "return" from my script function?

I'm really not sure where to start and would appreciate any guidance. (Even if there is an article / tutorial that is in a different language but would give me more context on how this stuff works.) I am really starting from "level 0" here.

Author Avatarabhimanyuaryan
1/10/2023, 5:32:54 AM

also it's kind of inconvenience but you I highly recommend using this book for learning(It's upto with Genie 5):

Don't know about your country but I can read this ebook for $4.85

Author AvatarSnowy
1/30/2023, 12:41:21 AM

So I bought the book and read the links... The links seem more focused to handling single variable inputs. But what about if I need to accept a LOT of data? For example, this data will be uploaded by the user and might contain tens of thousands of rows. Is the method of setting up an API as described here: still the way to go? I guess I'm confused on how the best way to get very large data sets to the api

Author Avatarabhimanyuaryan
1/30/2023, 4:58:51 AM

what's the format of data user will might upload. Is it going to be like form input or tar or gzip? Thinking about it so I can give correct answers and what will happen to the data once user uploads it. Will it be rendered on plots/tables? etc?

Author AvatarSnowy
1/30/2023, 2:19:42 PM

User will upload a csv file with data and make a few selections about what is in the data (column name matching)

So as an example, a user might upload a csv of time series data, then select which columns in the csv map to required fields needed to properly ingest the data uploaded

Author AvatarSnowy
1/30/2023, 2:21:25 PM

The output will also be time series data (a subset of the input data based on certain correlations from the input)

Author Avatarabhimanyuaryan
1/30/2023, 2:25:19 PM

uploading a large CSV is straight forward. You can check CSV Uploader example. I am just worried about rendering CSV with more than 25k rows in Quasar table. As it might slow down things

Author AvatarSnowy
1/30/2023, 4:49:58 PM

Yes but we’re not using Julia or Genie for the app. Julia is only used for the data processing, and Genie only for setting up a web service to accept the data and kick off the data processing process before sending the results back

Author Avatarabhimanyuaryan
1/31/2023, 3:31:05 PM

You can use this example and try some large CSV from Kaggle and let me know if you need any help or issues