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Author Avatarsdobber
12/28/2022, 12:24:34 PM

Are there any examples or guidelines available for using SnoopPrecompile or precompile-files created by SnoopCompile together with Genie? I am trying to speed up the startup process of my app, which could benefit from some more precompiled methods. However, the way that Genie apps are loaded (via Genie.loadapp etc) hides away internal modules defined in the lib folder, or things going on in the routes.jl file. This in turn prevents the precompilation mechanism to find the UserApp module or function definitions.

Author Avatarabhimanyuaryan
12/29/2022, 2:51:05 PM

No don't have a demo with SnoopCompile

We have one with package compiler

Genie,Stipple,Searchlight app:-

GenieBuilder app:-

Author Avatarsdobber
12/29/2022, 5:22:37 PM

Thanks! The setup in the second example looks very close to what I might need ๐Ÿ‘