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Author AvatarNooji
12/27/2022, 9:03:49 PM

I run into issues for my Genie app via docker with filenames. Specifically, If I have it named as bootstrap.jl (where the webiste doesnt load) the webpage doesnt become accessible. When I change to app.jl, everything works fine and the port forwarding works for MWE, clone and change app.jl to boostrap.jl. docker build . -t genie:test and docker run --rm -it -p 8000:8000 genie:test. If there is something I'm missunderstanding I would love to understand why! thank you!

Author Avatarabhimanyuaryan
12/29/2022, 2:58:03 PM

I don't see any problem with your Dockerfile

bootstrap.jl is used by Genie internally that could be a reason. Can you name it something else? Like Xyz.jl and see if that works?

Author AvatarNooji
12/30/2022, 5:05:11 PM

For clarification, it works with app.jl but bootstrap.jl in the dockerfile will cause issues, and lemme try!

Author AvatarHidalgo
1/22/2023, 4:07:29 PM

I'm having an odd issue with docker port forwarding as well, I can connect to the jupyter server and even run a julia kernel. However when I try to publish a website with genie on I get nothing on the host side (I can CURL within the docker image to get the hello world) . does not behave like a closed port, it just sends no data

Author AvatarHidalgo
1/22/2023, 4:09:00 PM

a closed port would say "connection refused"

Author AvatarHidalgo
1/22/2023, 4:43:32 PM

update: well I guess the same thing happens with svelte, so must not be Genie specific

Author AvatarHidalgo
1/22/2023, 4:50:49 PM

ok found how to do this in svelte, now just need to find the equivalent of the setup for genie (npm run dev -- --open --port 8001 --host)

Author AvatarHidalgo
1/22/2023, 5:17:38 PM

ok to close my issue the up command would be run like up(port=8001,host="") inside the julia kernel. (Along with proper docker port setup). Sorry for spam but I'm documenting here in case someone else searches for it